Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mai Kru Nur Mai New Dum(black wood) Ck Onn Wat PhraChumChonLaThaRa Sungai Padi, Narathiwat 2553

kemuning hitam maikru/tongkat 10.5cm long,only 80 made.wat prakchumchotara. naratiwat,thailand. Very good piece of tongkat. Actually the yant inscribe at the top and bottom of the copper cap are represent of each feature embodied in this maikru. on the outside can see yant nak metta-for metta n saneh,yant na mo putt ta yak-for improvement of luck,yant nak tib plak sib-for warding off bad luck n back stabbing,yant nak ut-for buddha power n authority,yant pittda. And yet actually inside only have one single takrut. Nothing more. This is the uniqe of chau khun onn tongkat. Plain and simple yet encompass every blessing as mention above.

*Made of originally from Kemuning Black woods from Malaysia and Middle East (to know whether it's orginal, rub it on a piece of paper, it will show a black line)
*If someone have fever or been bite by venomous animals, put it on a glass of water let their drink (it's a god will they will recover)
* It's for heal of any type of sickness and self protection for bad harm.
* To stop the thief from break in, hang the Kemuning Black Cane at the wall
*Old peoples said, using this cane help our status up
*Please hang on a wall or a chair to switch on the cane power alive

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