Saturday, May 30, 2009


An Old Thai closed eyes Buddha amulet. The Closing Eye Buddha that knowed as ' 'PHA-PIT-TAH' or 'Pha-PID-TA' meaning ' Closed eye buddha' .
Items was show The Buddha sitting in cross legs posture and two hands cover both eyes (see no evil), that is a nice character. This Items is depict a Buddha with hands firmly pressed against his face to obscure his sight. The amulets remind us that the world of the senses is uncertain and filled with illusion, hence the dramatic of Buddha rejection, But there is also a worldly lesson to be learnt: Thai people believed this amulet can bring you happiness and protect and secure good fortune for the owner And also believe the closing eye Buddha reminds us to be wary, and not be taken in easily by everything we see.
They good for Lucky and protect owner from the danger and bad piritual. The amulet is given from my late grandfather.

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