Saturday, May 30, 2009


Sponsored by the Pattani Provincial Government and Blessed in a Puttapisek empowerment at Wat Chang Hai. Collectors edition was made in various kinds and colors of sacred powder. This one is in light blue representing South Thailand. Jatukam Ramathep is embossed on the rear face, with LP Tuad on the front face. The clarity of detail in this amulet is high resolution, very clear and defined. A pair of elephants (called 'Chang' in Thai) depict the entrance to Wat Chang Hai. The filigrain detail of the artistry is immaculate on the elephants. The definition and shape of the lotus upon which Luang Phor Tuad sits is also beautifully sculpted. Luang Por Tuads face is amongst the most realistic of all editions of LP Tuad amulets and resembles him incredibly closely.

large Pim for men. Released after em,powerment in 2550 BE

Limited edition code number is embossed on the back face, which features Jatukam Ramathep.

This is a truly sacred amulet empowerred by monks of respectable trajectory in one of Thailands most famous temples, and the original temple for Luang Phu Tuad amulets, despite the fact that the price is less than many other amulets of less reputation than this one. We thuse recommend this amulet for three reasons; sacredness, beauty and priceworthiness

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