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小金身Phor Than Lek Wat Ariyakiri,吉兰丹BE2518。这尊小金身的料参进了Phor Than Lek在生时所用的托缽制造而成。共制造499尊。这尊小金身是由Chao Su和Than Long开光念经

LP Lek born in kampung Aril_Kelantan_Malaysia on 28th Dec 1895,
last time this district call as Bechah Mulong now as district of Peringat,
his parent is from Thailand, Kampung Chekong_Changwad Narathiwat.

after he married...... and in age 22(1917)he become a Bhikku_(monk)
in Wat Khau Din_Kampung Bukit Tanah_Tumpat.

He learn Buddhist law with Ajahn Rak and his name as Thammesara,
After 5 years, he go to Wat Chan_Nakhon Si Thammarat_Thai(Ligor).
in Wat Chan he learn from Phra Khru Kha Serm and also other Wat,
after one year plus he back to Wat Aril_Kelantan.

He learn "Samadhi" with a Guru name Achan Kev,
and he "Chundong" alone in few forest about 6 months.
then he return to Wat Aril and become Chief Abbot,
because that time Than Seng permanant stay in Throk Bon.

6th Mac 1975 Thursday 0815 morning
Phra Khru Lek pass away after abbot Wat Aril for 50yrsRooplor Phor Than Lek Wat Ariyakiri, Kelantan BE2518. The material is mixed with the bowl used by Phor Than Lek when he was alive. Made 499 pieces only. This batch of rooplor blessed by Chao Su & Than Long.

Phor Than Lek is my grandfather's master or guru.  My grandfather very closed with him before and PT Lek was a great monk.  As a monk, PT Lek did not touch money, a young boy ("jong" in Thai) always followed the monk and helped managing the money. 

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