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Luang Phor Thuad was born in 2125 and was highly respected and revered as a guru monk throughout the Kingdom of Thailand. He spent his entire life spreading the Dhamma for the benefit of the people without impartiality. Luang Poh Tuad was a monk who lived around 300 years ago in the so called „Ayuttaya period". Normally he stayed in monasteries in southern Thailand, but he also travelled a lot to the central regions and the former capital Ayuttaya.
It is said that LP Tuad was able to do miracles and there are written reports on is fabled that Luang Phor Thuad had the ability to change salt water to fresh water and it is for this reason that the amulet is often worn by fisherman as a protective talisman against the perils of the ocean. When LP Tuad died he was cremated and his ashes were kept in a chedy (pagoda) in the temple "Wat Chiang Hai" in Pattani province (South Thailand).
It was the year 1954 when the than abbot of the Wat Chiang Hai temple (Luang Poo Tim) blessed the first LP Tuad amulets and gave them to his followers.
Over the past more than 50 years LP Tuad amulets were blessed from many other acharn-monks from lot of other monastries.
They are all a little bit different in their mixture of powder, clay, herbs and other ingredients. Most of the amulets have also bits or little pieces of ore/metal mixed in or pressed on the back side of the amulet.
It is said that the wearer of a LP Tuad amulet will get over/survive an accident or attack (with less or no injury) like a miracle.
Amulets of Luang Phor Thuad have shown many miracles to individuals wearing it.
LP Tuad is well know for his protection,wealth ,business and safe driving. LP Tuad will help u in metta,protection,business and safe driving.
Purpose:Safe Driving,protection,Wealth ,Business and good luck.
and this amulet i have 2 special batch.

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