Friday, March 15, 2013

Than ThiT 81岁生日草药tongkat限量81支

Than ThiT 81岁生日全草药手工tongkat限量81支
3 inch 

                  Than ThiT signature on certificate..

This Herb Maikru is made by Than Thit of Wat Machimaram, Jubakar Kelantan. This Maikru Pakka was made of 108 Wand ( 108 herbs ). This maikru is only made in limited numbers. This maikru was made in BE2556 or 2013 as a commemorative item during his birthday celebration.  Inside the maikru are;

1 - gold and silver needles
2- black lead yant sheet
3- pinatang
4- others secret material

According to Than Thit, this Maikru Pakka has a power of helping the owner to stay safe from the danger, get rid of enemy, has a power of superior and make people respect upon seeing you and last but not least this maikru can be used to make holly water and drive away the evil spirits.

tongkat khata=

Namo tasa 3x
Om ka prak chao che lup mon
Luk tang mong thong
Luk ha rak ha song hai di
Luk nam lek pak ka kong than caho khun kroon wat bangsek
Ka prak chao hai dai de len deng ma
Hai ak rak eak rak ta mang
Na ma n arak no ko no kaa , ka kaa ka aang
Rek rek, rek rek, rek rek, lak sa chaoo kam

Rek rian tok an ta rai koko prak chao mei you

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