Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mai Kru (guru magic staff) 11 inch from phor than soon 2557

Mai Kru (guru magic staff) from phor than soon wat sukhontharam kg.kubang panjang cabang empat,tumpat ,kelantan. Body Made from temple wooden material insert with 2 holy tarkut,gold,silver and brass niddle. Topped and bottom made from herb material(108 type herb)

Mai Krus are magic staffs used by great master gurus to give blessings, remove curse/black magic, and to empower and bless items (make holy water, metta oils).

Effects: Authority & leadership, protection (clearing away bad luck & vanquishing evil influences), success in endeavours, attracting prosperity & immense wealth.

Additional infor:
Phor Than Soon is one of the disciple of Phor Than Lek Wat Ariyakiri. Phor Than Soon is very strict in the process of making and blessing amulet, as per the practice in Wat Ariyakiri.

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