Thursday, January 22, 2015

A-Vut Therp อาวุธเทพ & Krat-Bong Therp ถระบองเทพ Wat Balai 2558

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(A-Vut Therp อาวุธเทพ & Krat-Bong Therp ถระบองเทพ) 
Originaly are weapons used by Divine beings (Devas) to fight evil spirit, and expel negative essence within human. possesing this weapons enable us to repel evil spirit and negative energy from us,thus keeping us away from any negative way of life. 
This weapon can kill all bad essence from our life, keeping our life peaceful, help us to keep progressing and achieve great success in life.
A-Vut Therp & Krat-Bong Therp can be used for many purpose such as making holy water, repelling evil spirit and casting metta & kongkrapan spell on ourself.
Phor Than Plem earned the knowledge to produce A-Vut Therp & Krat-Bong Thep through numerous ancient scriptures from Wat Balai, he studied every complicated scriptures and finally mastered every knowledge contained in it.
A-Vut Therp & Krat-Bong Therp can only be made by 3 kind of wood, inserted with the original A-Vut Therp & Krat-Bong Therp yantra, Nimit rattan, 108 Wahn, and mercury attained from beneath a waterfall. Almost every process in making A-Vut Therp & Krat-Bong Therp are done by Phor Than Plem, with help from temple community, due to this every pieces made might not be identical.
We wish everyone who are lucky to pocess A-Vut Therp & Krat Bong Therp, to achieve greatness and lead a properous life.

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