Sunday, January 3, 2016

LP Hong - 12" Mai Kru (Limited Edition) II - Wat Petchburi - 2553

LP Hong - 12" Mai Kru (Limited Edition) II - Wat Petchburi - 2553

Limited Edition, Made 16pcs only. (Size : L - 31cm x D - 2 cm)

Material -MAI TAKIEN  Wood, kring (inside) and monk's robe at base.

Mai Kru or Mai Tao (magic wand) in olden days were bestowed by masters to disciples only. It symbolises prestige and authority for an owner.

Purpose: This Mai Kru is made from special wood with yants and temple code inscribed. Mai Kru has many uses for Maha Amnat (supernatural power), Maha Barami (prestige), Kongkaphan (impenetratability by dangerous object) and Metta (loving kindness).

It protects an owner against danger, enemies and evil forces. It enhances a person's authority, gives positive energy for bearer when dealing with human relationships and managing people. Ideal for people who needs to engage in negotiations in general, especially good for business negotiations. Mai Kru can also be used to make holy water for healing and exorcism by stirring it n water together with the chanting of katha. It also enhances a bearer's with luck and good fortune.

Purpose : For luck, protection and good fortun