Tuesday, July 3, 2012

MaiKru Yellow Myrtlewood (Kemuning Kuning) 4.2" CK Onn

Kemuning Wood can invoke divine presence and power toward illness, Possess positive energy and expel negative forces, Attract majestic luck in things we do, Instill confidence and courage, Improve your luck and fortune.

When we talking about thai sacred amulet and charms besides bucha status,rian,tarkut,biage,leklai phayant and others,the most sought after sacred thing is MAIKRU or MAITAO or malay call tongkat.
Maikru or Tongkat is popularize by LP KRON or TOK RAJA.
While some maikru made of wood,usually not any kind of wood  but most maikru have item embedded into the wood body ,100% gold ,silver and copper tarkut or niddle different master differ in practice.
LP DAM of wat mai naparam uses one and it popularity known to make good maikru.Every maikru may differ energy.
As example ,one of our customer volunteered for blood donation only to find the nurse had difficulty inserting needle into him.Puzzle but then realised he is carrying maikru .he took it and place it on the table.then the nurse was able to insert needle.this case is a classic example of 'kongkapan' (impenetratability by dangerous object) energy.

LP DAM asked us to bring our maikru along when we have bussiness meeting or business negotiation but must chant the katha of course.

Basically Mai Kru is ideal for individuals of ranks where one needs ‘Amnaj’ (firmness, authority and power) energy. It gives positive energy to the bearer of Mai Kru when handling people issues and managing people. Most negotiations are about power-play. People whom are constantly engaging in negotiations for business or arbitration or individuals whom are of legal litigation professions which may be expose to harm or threat are encourage to own and carry one. Every Mai Kru may differs in energy.Ck Onn, Phor Than Thit Mai Kru's can be protected from all forms of black magic and evil spirits as well.

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