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tongkat pen / paka maikru,by phor than dam,wat mai,2544. ( limited edition )

tongkat pen / paka maikru,by phor than dam,wat mai napharam,takbai,thailand,2 codes,2544. ( limited edition )

This is incantation to worship before wearing MaiTao
“Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma – Sambuddhassa” (3 times)
“Phut Thang Saksit – Phra Phut Tha Chao – Phaeng Rit Pid Duay – Phra Tham Mang”
“Tham Mang Saksit – Phra Phut Tha Chao – Phaeng Rit Pid Duay – Phra Sang Khang”
“Sang Khang Saksit – Phra Phut Tha Chao – Phaeng Rit Pid Duay – Phra Phut Thang”

This is incantation to worship after wearing MaiTao
“A Sang Wi Su Lo – Pu Sa Phu Pha”

When you go in toilet should hold the MaiTao on your right palm and place on the head. After go out the toilet, please recite following incantation
“Ma A U”

LP DUM, Wat Mai Napara, mai kru.

Venerable Luang Phor Dam was born in the Year of the Snake on Tuesday April 15, 2484. His natal village was Kg. Kok Jumbok, Tak Bai, Narathiwat, Thailand. His birth name is Dam Krai Noi.
He enters monkhood on the 26th July 2504 in Wat Mai Naparam. Ven.'s Buddhist name is Ven. LP Dam Janthasaro and Ven' has been conferred the title of Phrakru Nipphanviharati. Ven.'s Upacha is Ven. Phrakru Nippatkalanyu. His Kammavachachan is Patpalat Puang and Anusawatnachan is Athikan Nui.

Ven. stayed in Wat Mai Naparam for 3 years then moved to Wat Prachaphirom. It was in Wat Prachaphirom that Ven. travelled much to study and practise wicha under guidance and supervision of many Masters/Teachers. Ven. LP Dam also had travelled to study with Ven. LP Kron of Wat Bangsek for 2,3 days only. Ven. LP Dam is not a disciple of Ven. LP Kron as rumoured by irresponsible parties.

Ven. LP Dam mostly studied and learned under Ven. LP Dee of Wat Sanghasitharam, Narathiwat. Ven. LP Dee is disciple of Ven. LP Kron of Wat Bangsek. Ven. LP Dee was very well attained and skillful in wicha. He studied wicha concerning Phra Pidta and Mai Kru. Ven. LP Dee obtained wicha knowledge and skills of Amnat Kungkaphan, Metta, MahaNiyom and MahaLap from Ven. LP Kron. However Ven. LP Dee hardly make any amulets. Ven. LP Dee is 'wachasit'. Whatever he says will come true or happens. But Ven. LP Dee is very low profile.

Ven. LP Dam was more in vipassana meditation or kammathan. His close associate in kammathan is none other than Ven. LP Boon Thiam of Wat Chok Aerong. They often travel to Northen Thailand like Esan and ChiangMai for their tudong practise. Ven. LP Dam told us that he met a very old Master or Teacher that taught him the art and wicha of making palaklid. This is not known by many, only his close associates and luksit or disciples knew Ven. LP Dam is good in making palaklids. Ven. told us that in Tak Bai, Narathiwat there are many Thai Muslims. Though the Thai Muslims are courteous and kind, as they too make offerings to temples in Narathiwat. They may not understand the nature of palaklid. Ven. LP Dam also learn from great Teachers like Ven. LP Pee and Ven. LP Pae of Wat PhikunThong.

Ven. LP Dam is very skillful in making Mai Tao or Mai Kru. He obtained the wicha knowledge and practise from Ven. LP Kron of Wat Bangsek, Ven. LP Dee ( disciple of Ven. LP Kron ) of Wat Sanghasitharam and Ven. LP Gaet, the ChaoKanat ChaoAwat of Prachupkirikan.

His achievements...
There was one time when Ven. LP Dam was practising meditation in forest in Ayuddhaya, he averted a flood disaster. After much forest meditation practise in Ayuddhaya, Ven. LP Dam returned to Narathiwat. And in the year

2518, Ven. LP Dam was appointed the ChaoAwat (Chief Monk) of Wat Mai Naparam.
2527, Ven. was appointed the ChaoKanat Thamboon Kaet Song
2528, Ven. was appointed as an Upacha
2534, Ven. was further appointed a higher level of title.
For the benefit of some whom does not know what 'Upacha' is. It is a designation appointed by the Sangha Council to empower the Chief Monk to accept lay devotees to enter monkhood. Not every Ven. LP has such an appointment.

His early years...

During Ven. LP Dam's early years in Wat Mai Naparam, he made palaklid and takrut insertion into the arm only. It was when his lay disciples from Sg. Golok whom approached Ven. LP to make Phra Pidta. When this group experienced improvements and much miracles from wearing his Phra Pidta, then it subsequently became popular. After Phra Pidta then Ven. LP Dam start making Mai Kru. You can say Ven. LP Dam's Mai Kru is special and unique because Ven. combined wicha Mai Kru of all his 3 Teachers, Ven. LP Kron, Ven. LP Dee and Ven. LP Gaet. Ven. LP did share with us that Phra Pidta with Kungkaphan and Amnat is not difficult to poksek and meditated upon. But to make Phra Pidta Metta Mahalap, one must be very mindful of his feelings. Any thoughts of ill will, anger or unwholesome will render it not successful.

Ven. is a samathat...
For those whom have met him many times before will tell you Ven. don't talk much. He practises samathat which means Ven. establish his mindfullness of speech at all times. Ven. doesn't indulge with bragging or exaggerating. and because of his strict discipline of conduct, meditation and mindfullness, it has lead to Ven. to attain mind reading abilities.

There were many instances we came across. Once, when I was of wearing one a Phra KhunPaen. I wanted to ask Ven. LP Dam for his opinion. But before I could take out to show and ask him. Ven. told me " Married men shouldn't wear Phra KhunPaen. later become playboy!" I was stunned!!! Ven. just smiled at me.

How Ven.'s Mai Tao became famous...
It all began in Narathiwat, a manager from a Bangkok Bank has trying very hard to convince an old man to keep all his savings in the bank instead of his home. He has tried many times to convince but yet he didn't succeed. That went on for sometime until the manager came to Wat Mai Naparam one day. After presenting his offerings and a casual exchange, the manager brought up this problem to consult with Ven. LP Dam. Ven. LP presented him a Mai Tao of pen-size and asked him to chant "U Ba Sam Ba Pa Suk U Cha" before meeting up with the old man. The manager succeeded in securing all the old man's savings with the bank!

Then the trend of Mai Tao began till this very day. Till now we still have people asking for Ven. LP Dam's Mai Tao

Namo Tassa Bhagawato Arahato Sammasambuddhasa (x3)
U Ba Sam Ba Pak Suk U Cha


I Ti Pi So Bha Kha Wa
A Ra Hang Sam Ma Sam Budh Dho
Wish Sha Ja Ra Na Sam Pan No
Su Kha To Lo Ka Wi Dhu A Nut Ta Lo
Pu Ris Sa Dham Ma Sa Ra Dhi
Sat Dha De Wa Ma Nus Sa Nang
Budh Dho Bha Kha Wa Ti

Translation: Lord Buddha is the Holy One, the Enlightened One, the Perfect One of all knowledge's and conduct, the Well-Gone, the World Enlightener, the incomparable Supreme Teacher of gods and humans, and the Awakened and Blessed One.     


I Ra Sha Kha Ta Ra Sa
Ti Hang Ja To Lo Dhi Nang
Pi Sam Ra Lo Pu Sat Budh
So Ma Na Ka Ris Dha Dho
Bha Sam Sam Wi Sa Dhe Bha
Kha Budh Pan Dhu Dham Wa Kha
Wa Dho No A Ma Ma Wa
A Wish Su Nut Sa Nus Ti

There are hundreds of stanzas of Thai Mantras, but one among a few greatest is I-TI-PI-SO TON HONG or the first stanza of a Mantra specifically prasing for the Lord Buddha. How great is this Maha Mantra? It's very effective for self-protection from all formidable dangers. Even a near-to-die one who has a reminiscence on the Mantra will never go to abyss hell but a good place after his death.
The more amazing is that there is a top most Mantra emerged from the vertical reading of I-TI-PI-SO TON HONG (Please see the tabular cells diagram). The great Mantra is called " Yan Kro Petch" or the Mantra of Diamond Shield. Luang Phor Parn of Wat Bang Nom Kho, Ayuthaya province, found the Mantra in B.E. 2458 while he was making a pilgrimage to Suphanburi province.
Shortly before he found this great Mantra, he was meditating and a Yana (supernatural sense)had emerged from his mind that there was a very important plate buried in the main stupa of Wat Phra Sri Ratana Maha Dhat, Suphanburi province, waiting for him to get. Not long after that he reached the stupa and found an ancient silver plate inscribed the Mantra text of Yan Kropetch. The plate describes that one who found this Mantra is so great because it's the heaven wish to specify the great one to get it. The plate also describes that one who recites this Mantra everyday his body will be covered with Diamond Shield and safe from all dangers, he will never be destroyed by the enemy. Moreover, the enemy will be destroyed by some strange phenomena because of the reflective result from the magic Diamond Shield !! 
In any year that had the auspicious Sao Ha day (Saturday, the fifth day of waxing moon period, lunar month), Luang Phor Parn would perform a very special ritual, consecrating and embedding Yan Kropetch into his thousands disciples gathering in Wat Bang Nom Kho temple. Luang Phor Parn would write the Mantra on a blackboard and tell everybody to choose one letter of the script NA-MO-BUDH-DHA-YA (five Buddhas' names). Then he would stand behind the blackboard and recite a Mantra to push the script flashing on all disciples. If a recipient really has a good meditative property, a letter he chose will embed on his skull for life long. Amazingly, it always occurs when a recipient died and was brought to cremate, the script clearly appears on the forehead skull remnant.
This is one of a few greatest Mantras that deserves daily recitation. If this's done, you will be well-protected; all dangers even deadly ones will never come closer to you.  

Katha Ruay
Om Racha JakMahaRacha Khor Chong Ma Yu Nai Kra Bao Luklan Manee Ma,
Om Ruay Ruay Ruay

Katha MahaLap 
Buddhang Gaiathip Borisut Luang Phor Dam Manee Ma
Dhammang Gaiathip Borisut Luang Phor Dam Manee Ma
Sangkang Gaiathip Borisut Luang Phor Dam Manee Ma
Iti Puja Chakmaharaja Sapaksanieha Arahang Sammasambuddho Yatra Yamdee Sawadee Lapho Nak Mo Budh Dha Ya

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