Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mai Kroo fro lp khan

This Mai Kroo is a cultic paraphernalia , a magic wand which is made in representation of a Kata sword of Brahmawith a Phra Pid Dah on the top made from metal

This Mai Kroo is used by Monks to cast spells or bestow blessings on devotees.This is usually done by using it as a magic wand to touch the head of the devotee. Great for dispelling black magic, drive away evil spirits and bestow blessing. Maikru body,pitta and tarkut inside the maikru belong to lp dam wat maiparam (2542BE) bless by lp khan(11 inch)


避邪挡降, 出入平安,人缘和合,心想事成


LONG PHU KHAN ..WAT PITYARAM.11.5cm..2542 year

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