Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Phra LP Tuad Pim Phra Rod 帕洛模峦普托 2524

Phra LP Tuad Pim Phra Rod -Nur Wan material 2524 batch from Wat Changhai, Pattani. Pim Phra Rod is the most sought after Pim in 2524 as it is harder to find than Pim Yai and Pim Kammakan has too many fakes. This special batch is the most famous batch of LP Tuad after AJ Tim's passing. A lot of old Wan powder left from 2497 were used to make this batch, and many great guru monks of the South, including AJ Nong and LP Daeng, came to help in the consecration. Excellent for prosperity and protection from all danger. Mass chanted in 2524 . 100% guarantee of authenticity. And price will continue to go up as 2524 is proven effacacious with lots of miracles. A good replacement for 2497 AC Tim, Wat changhai LP thuat if one can't afford one. 2524 is mixed with lots of 2497 wahn.


Wat Changhai 的 Luang Phor Thuad都是很多收藏家的喜好,自第一批2497Luang Phor Thuad佛牌都,这批Luang Phor Thuad的Wat Changhai BE2524是阿赞Tim過世後最有名的佛牌。这批Luang Phor Thuad是在BE2522开始制作,这批佛牌在庙大堂里念经膜拜,在2524年让人恭请。这批BE2524 Luang Phor Thuad粉牌算是Wat Changhai第3批佛牌:
1.Luang Phor Thuad Run Reak NeuaWan97(Luang Phor Thuad第1期2497粉牌)
2.Luang Phor Thuad Run Tisong Run Pinaikam(Luang Phor Thuad第2期粉牌)
3.Luang Phor Thuad Run Tisam(Luang Phor Thuad第3期粉牌)

这批佛牌开光仪式盛大,多位大师念经开光,是批完整仪式法会的作品,佛牌加入大量阿赞Tim Luang Phor Thuad BE2497聖粉,开光仪式的大师有:
1.Luang Phor Mun Wat KaoDeang Patalung
2.Luang Phor Wat Klongtom Patalung
3.Luang Phor Son Wat Piyaram Pattani
4.Luang Phor Wat Kokman Pattani
5.Luang Phor Wat Tungka yaring Pattani
6.Achan Nong Wat Saikao Pattani
7.Luang Phor Dam Wat Tuoing Jut Tianchai
8.ChaoKun Wat Napladu Dap Tianchai

Luang Phor Thuad Wat Changhai BE2524 共有4个模:
1.phim yai(大模)
2.phim Klang(中模)
3.phim prarod
4.phim kammakan(理事会模)### Pin See Liang ###
phim kammakan(理事会模)只出2000尊,全部佛牌数量大概有2-3十万尊.


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