Wednesday, October 2, 2013

black wood pitta 2557 special batch

 photo 7ea1124c-4147-4f6f-b535-b281a12bf9df_zpsf260712a.jpg photo output_zpsobptite3.jpg photo output_zpskii9fqgp.jpg

This is black wood pitta  2557 batch one Takruts ,ciwon & hair strongly blessed by ck onn in year BE 2557 with Hand Carved the sacred Yant around the Pidta body .
Embed with one takrut in the bottom of the amulet.

Effect: Protection from bad influence and evil, Metta Mahalap, Harmproof and bring good fortune especially business and authority, Bring Prosperity, Wealthy fetching, Improve your luck and fortune.

功能 : 出入平安,助事业上发展,贵人扶助,小人远离,避邪挡危险,逢凶化吉。

**Black wood, 黑木 or Kayu Kemuning Hitam - able to prevent black magic and protection from bad influence and evil.

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