Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Red Wood(Kayu Raja) Pitta by ck onn

 This is Raj kayu pitta  early batch one Takruts strongly blessed by ck onn in year  Solid Takruts at the base.Ck onn Hand Carved the sacred Yant around the Pidta body by himself. Raja Kayu or King of all woods, command its majestic power in the deep interior jungle of South East Asia. According to the native, Raja Kayu is the most powerful talisman they carry for protection to ward off evil spirits and spells cast in the jungle.

The native who lives in the jungle has sound knowledge of woods possessing magical properties. Accordingly, certain woods are inherited with specific indwelling nature spirit that imbues the woods with such distinctive magical properties. Besides Raja Kayu, there are also other magical woods in the deep jungle like Penawar Hitam or Black Gold, Cendana, Kayu Penunduk, Nibong, Ulamas, Kemuning, Bertam etc that possesses different distinctive mystical powers both for physical and spiritual healings. The native depends on trees for their livelihood and uses magical woods for their protection in the jungle inhibited by mysterious forces and evil spirits.
Degrading in human moral values and conduct have induced all kinds of evil forces and energies prevailing in the environment we live today. Modern people succumb to evil spirits and charms out of personal gain and jealousy. According to the native, Raja Kayu has the following magical properties and applications:

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