Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Mai Kru Mai Rak by late Chao Khun Mit was made and consecrated in BE 2542 ( 1999 ). These tongkat can be considered as the Mai Kru Roon Nen by late Chao Khun Mit. According to his close Looksit and Look Yom, Chau Khun Mit took at least 3 years to complete these tongkats. His Look Yom added that this mai kru were made in not more than 99 pieces for the wanj head and bottom type and 199 pieces for the janrak wood head and bottom.
inside tongkat insert with Tok Raja Special powder, pitta powder, Tok raja yants Top and Bottom tongkat. This Tongkat has been used for making holy water,exorcism and many other blessing special for high end User.

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