Wednesday, April 8, 2015


15 INCH LONG MAIKRU LP PROM WAT BANSUAN  photo 11095521_1071406309541196_984497139_o_zpskhnpzykz.jpg  photo 11122252_1071406306207863_141992216_o_zpsnq2honzp.jpg 11 INCH LONG MAIKRU LP PROM WAT BANSUAN  photo 11130908_1071405542874606_1779438050_o_zpsw6kpecgv.jpg  photo 11103813_1071405546207939_1187884110_o_zps4pyg0n8g.jpg Luang Por Prohm has made this very quietly announced limited edition series of Mai Kroo and Kata Prohm magic Wands and Scepters from Sacred Holy Woods, with sacred Powders, takrut spells and 'Paetch Na Tang', a metallic element found in the earth considered by people of the South to be a kind of Lek Lai Kaya Siddhi elemental with the Spirit of a Great Yogi (Lersi) within it. Hand Drawn Yant By Lp Prom. The Mai Kroo, is usable as a Bucha Item on the altar, and also as a Ritual Wand, for bestowing blessings, protective spells, making Holy Prayer Water, and empowering other objects with. The Wand can be used to lay on objects (such as the wares for sale in your store to improve sales, or your car, for protection from danger and thieves, the entrances to the house to block black magic). Can be used for Exorcisms, and to remove Black Magic Spells, and Banish Ghosts from their haunts.The wand is made from a Very Rare Sacred Magical Holy Tree, which was located and given a Bucha Ceremony to ask the Deva of the tree to donate its wooden body for making Wooden Wands with to help reduce Human Suffering and thus attain merits for the Deva of the Tree too. Filled with sacred powders, resins and a Takrut hidden inside the Wand, to lend various additional powers of Sorcery to the wand. The wand possesses all Powers, Metta Mahaniyom, Maha Sanaeh, Choke Lap, Kong Grapan, Klaew Klaad, Gae Khun Sai (Anti Black Magic). Blessed and Empowered by Luang Por Prohm and a selection of some of the Top Khao Or Masters at Wat Ban Suan, with full empowerment of Taewa Pisek and Putta Pisek. Wat Ban Suan is the Home of Khao Or Magic and the Root Lineage Center of the Great Master of Khao or Magic, Luang Por Kong. Luang Por Prohm is the Looksit, and Continuation of the Khao Or Tradition, the Greatest and most Famous Southern School of Sorcery in Thailand. He learned his Wicha from Luang Por Kong directly, who was in fact also the Kroo ba Ajarn in Wicha Saiyasart (Sorcery) to Ajarn Iad of Wat Don Sala, both temples of Wat Don Sala (Wat Por Tan Nam), and Wat ban Suan are Pure Khao or Sorcery schools of Magic, and derived from the same Kroo Ba Ajarn, Luang Por Kong. Luang Por Prohm was present and assisted in empowerments of many famous editions of earler Khao Or amulets too, including the Pra Pong Chum Chai Kiree of Ajarn Chum which had Ajarn Tong Tao and Ajarn Kong on each face, so famous Kong Grapan amulet from 2512 BE. Amnaj and Maha Ut Katha: Na Ut Mo At Na Mo Put Tha Yat Dan Er. Metta Mahaniyom and Udomchok Katha: Na A Pa Leu Leu A Na Ga A. Katha for expelling intruding enemies: Na A Manut Meung Yah Er.

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