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Machu BE2506-1974

Goddess Ma-Zu(妈祖) was born on 23rd Day of 3rd Lunar Month 960 CE (during the Song Dynasty 宋朝) as the seventh daughter of Lin Yuan (林愿) on Meizhou Island (湄洲岛), Fujian. - 福建路莆田县湄洲岛东螺村(宋太宗年间曾改为兴化军).

Her surname is Lin(林) and her name is Mo(默) and is also known as Lin Mo Niang (林默娘). Since the day she was born, she never cried and never creates trouble, thus she was given the name with the meaning "Silent Maiden" - Mo Niang (默娘).

At the age of 28 years old, on the 9th Day of 9th Lunar Month 987 CE, Mo Niang (默娘) was ascended to the Heaven at the Highest Peak of her hometown in Fujian Mei Zhou Island (湄洲岛).

Legend stated that Lin Mo had the gift of predicting the weather  and super natural abilities (In ancient Fujian, folks were shamans and practitioners of witchcraft).

Lin Mo was at home weaving a tapestry when she fell into a trance, "seeing" the events that were taking her kin to a watery grave. She used her spiritual powers to transport herself to their sides. Propelling her elder brother (or father) to safety, she returned to rescue her father (or brother).

She was swimming homeward with her father clenched firmly between her teeth, when her mother noticed that Lin Mo, was slumped over her weaving. Believing she was ill, her concerned mother woke her. Lin Mo's trance was broken and her father drowned. Lin Mo walked into the sea and found her father, returning three days later with his body so he could be buried at home.

One legend stated when she was 28 years old, she ascended to heaven and became a goddess, and another legend stated that when she was 28 years old, a huge storm wrecked many fishing boats and trading vessels off the coast of Fujian, Mazu took a small boat, and rescued many of them, but eventually she herself succumbed to the waves and died and soon rose up to become a goddess.

After Lin niang (林默) became goddess, marine folklore is filled with tales of catastrophes averted when the goddess Ma-Zu, dressed in red, appeared to sailors as a warning that unseen storms were rising and that their voyages should be postponed, or guiding lost ships to safety, or even rescuing sailors from storms and shipwrecks.

Stories had been told that many seamen has recounted times when the goddess Ma-Zu appeared as a bright light on their troubled ships, arriving just in time to calm a storm and save their lives. Some said that Lin Mo could ride clouds across the ocean, and appear in the flesh to rescue them.

Between 1119 and 1126, Lu Yundi (路允迪) was caught in a dangerous storm while on a voyage to Korea. It was said that her spirit descended in the mast and saved him.

Mazu is usually depicted together with two guardian generals known as Qian Li Yan (千里眼) - "Eyes that see thousand miles" and  Shun Feng Er (順风耳) . They are two demons whom Mazu conquered and took them as her assistants.

Starting from Fujian, the practice of worshiping Mazu spreads to the neighboring coastal provinces of Zhejiang and Guangdong, and thence to all coastal areas of mainland China. With emigration and especially the Chinese diaspora of the 19th and 20th centuries, it further spread to Taiwan, Vietnam, Ryukyu, Japan, and South East Asia. The role of Mazu as patron goddess of the sea ensured that newly arrived immigrants often erected temples to her first, to give thanks for arriving safely.

In Taoism, Ma-Zu is address as Tian Shang Sheng Mu(天上聖母).

According to Taoist Scripture, the Only & Official Taoist Scripture dedicating to Ma Zu, is known as Tai Shang Lao Jun Shuo Tian Fei Jiu Ku Ling Yan Jing (太上老君说天妃救苦灵验经). It is stated that Ma Zu was the Manifestation of the Energy from the Great North Dipper Star Group into a Lady Immortal (known as Miao Xing Yu Nü (妙行玉女) which had overcome multiple testing & obstacles before gaining her Immortal-hood.

After which, Miao Xing Yu Nü was called upon by the Supreme Lord (道德天尊) to the gathering for the appointment of the task to descend into the Mortal Realm to perform the necessary Salvation for the Suffering Beings.

Upon getting the appointment, Miao Xing Yu Nü made her Sincerest & Greatest Vow of ceasing of ALL Sufferings before she returned back to the Celestial Realm again and so, upon getting the Vow, Miao Xing Yu Nü was being sent off to get her Re-incarnation aka Manifestated into Mortal at Song Dynasty Jia Shen Year 23rd Day of Lunar 3 Month (AD 960宋朝建隆元年农历三月廿三日) in the Lin Family (降生莆田湄洲岛林家之中) – given Maiden Name as Lin Mo or Lin Mo Niang (林默/林默娘).

Since young, Mo Niang had been going around to assist the Needy, regardless of strangers or people she knew.

By the age of 8, one day while Mo Niang was out in the Sea-side to waiting for her father to return from the Sailing, a Elegant Lady approached her and passed her a few Books on Unknown Writings & Diagrams. Upon getting hold of the Books, Mo Niang was puzzled but after getting some advises from the Lady, Mo Niang accepted and promised the Lady to study all the information in the Books and understand the Diagrams.

By the age of 16, Mo Niang was able to use the Skills that mentioned in the Unknown Books to assist more Needy in her Hometown.

At the age of 28, on the 8th Night of Lunar 9 Month, Mo Niang got a dream from the Elegant Lady again, this time round Mo Niang finally knew who she was – Zi Guang Fu Ren (紫光夫人). After getting the advises from Zi Guang Fu Ren, Mo Niang decided to leave home on the 9th Day of Lunar 9 Month to gain her Immortal-hood at the Highest Peak in her hometown.

On Song Dynasty AD 987, 9th Day of Lunar 9 Month (宋雍熙四年九月初九日得道), Mo Niang got her Immortal-hood and was summoned back to the Celestial Realm to receive her Official Title before she was being sent back to the Mortal Realm to assist the Needy again.

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