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Mai Kru Kayasit From Ajarn Chum

These Mai Kru Kalyasit was made by Ajahn Chum in B.E 2523 according to the ancient sacred book “Pichai Songkam” secrets. Ajahn Chum started inscribing lead yant on 20th November 2523, and took him 70 days to finish inscribed all yants and prepared the sacred powder at Samnak Kunchey Saiyasart.
The sacred powder consisted of sacred materials such as;
- Filled with black Pra Sadej Klab
- gold leaf flakes offered to Buddha before chanting ceremony (Nam Rerk)
- Lek Lai ore
The Takuds were inserted at the bottom of Mai Kru. Sacred powder was inserted at the top of each Mai Kru.
Various kind of sacred wood ( mai ) were used, eg:
- Mai Maha Prom ( Maha Bhrama wood ) – white-yellow colour
- Mai Makha Tai Prai - standing dead Makha tree
- Mai Makha Fah Pha – Makha tree struck by lightning
- Mai Payung Daeng
- Mai Mayung Khaw,
- Mai Prado Songtham
- Mai Chaiya Plueg - Success
- Mai Raja Plueg
- Mai Kamjad
- Mai Kamjai ( wood stuck by elephant tusk )
- Mai Kalaphangha ( black sea coral )
- Mai Kon Tee Dam (black sacred wood)
Mai Kon Tee Dam, very rare Black Wood, only found one in 1,000 trees. The bark has torns, outer layer is white in inner is black. The tree is inhibited by powerful deva. It has naturally powerful protection and dispelling of spirits and black magic. Very few Kon Tee Dam were released.
Ajahn Chum made these Mai Kru from Kee Ton Tay Kee Plai Pen (wood with a dead base and a still living tip) using the 'Dhamma Pichai Songkram' Ancient Kampir Grimor, Wicha of the Ancient Times for Conquest and War Victory. Which has been used for protection and winning wars by the Ancient Siam for many Centuries.
The Top is sealed by sacred powder and takud. The steel tips, also sealed with takud and sacred powder.
More than 20 Kao Or Masters who have the knowledge of the Dhamma Pichai Songkram, and Wicha for Empowering Mai Kru Kayasit were involved in the empowerment of these Mai Kru Weapons, which occurred on Thursday the 20th November at 19:00 pm 2524.
It took 70 days to prepare the Sacred yant takud and to make the Yant Powder (Pong Lob) by repeated inscriptions in chalk on a yant board. This was performed at the Samnak Kunjae Saiyasart, and completed on Wednesday 11th February 2524 BE, inside the Cave of Tham Faed, in Kanjanaburi.
The Takud and powder were inserted into the tips of the wands on the 17th of February 2524, an important and auspicious Lunar Day. The 'Tian Chai' Victory candle for the initiation of the Puttapisek Ceremony was lit at 23:19. After the completion of the empowerment, the wands were then taken back to the Samnak Kunjae Saiyasart, and were released to the public on the 20th february 2524 BE (1981).
The Takud at the top is “Kom Nam” Defeact the Enemy and Evil. The takud in the tip is Maha Niyom and Metta, happiness, harmony, remove negativity and lucky blessings.
The Mai Kru Kayasit of Ajarn Chum are used by many famous Masters to protect and enhance their power of exorcism. It is considered one of the best protective magic in this modern era, from one of Thailand's greatest and most powerful Lay Masters, and Khao Or Monks.
The Mai Kru were originally made for disciples and soldiers to protect the country, from enemies when out in battle or in danger.
Ajahn Chum Chaikiri’s Mai Kru can be used for various purposes :
- Metta Mahaniyom
- Maha Saneh,
- Kheow Klad,
- cure Illness,
- dispel and discard black magic,
- prevent black magic
- make holy water,
- business,
- kongkapan,
- maha Utt,
- house protection,
- amnard and authority.
- By carrying this Maikru in different ways, it can used be for protection or business/sales negotiation.
- At night time if the Mai kru is placed under the pillow, and recite some katha the mai kru will protect, warn and alert you in your sleep if there is bad thing, danger, unexpected events that is going to befall you.

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