Friday, March 10, 2017


LP Kant was a dedicated disciple of LP Derm, Wat NongPho. He was born approximately BE 2420 and entered the priesthood in BE 2440. Among LP Derm's disciple lineage, LP Kant is known to have made the most efficacious Mitmor second only to that of his Guru LP Doem. The word Mit Mor is a folk word to describe a medic or specialist knife. Mor meaning “specialist” and Mit meaning “Knife”. As such Mitmor literally means a knife created by a specialist in the sacred sciences.

It is known that the mitmor carries comprehensive properties similar to that of an amulet, particularly for: 1.) self protection 2.) dispersing and conquering evil spirits 3.) destroying all kinds of black magic including invulnerability 4.) detecting poisonous food 5.) making powerful holy water 6.) healing diseases and illnesses by encircling the affected area.

Uncountable events in the past long years have proved the efficacy of mitmor created by these masters. Miraculous phenomena often occurred; in fighting events, where gunman frightened - their guns dysfunction or bullets would not penetrate into the knife's owner and assailants were killed by only one stab of a little knife.

LP Kant's Mitmor can be used as a substitution for LP Derm's as the power is similar but priced significantly cheaper (still expensive). Anyone stabbed by such a knife will find the wound cannot be cured by modern medicine.

LP Kant passed away in B.E.2513 at the age of 76, after living in the monkhood for 54 years.

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